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About Us

Sky Property Management expertly manages community schemes (Sectional Title, HOA) under relevant acts, and Full Title schemes (homeowners' associations) as non-profit companies. Our efficient and experienced team prioritizes client communication, needs, and compliance.

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Sectional Title Management

Property management for sectional title plans and homeowners associations is Sky Property Management main line of business. The management efficiency of a property has a direct impact on people's homes, lifestyles, and the value of their key assets, which is why Sky Property Management is committed to offering a thorough and customized sectional title management service.

Sky Property Management excels in comprehensive services tailored to your property needs. From efficient Levy Collection and meticulous Financial Management to expert Secretarial & Administration support, we ensure smooth operations. Our team also handles proactive Maintenance & Administration, safeguarding your property's value and your peace of mind.

Service Options

Estate Management

In addition to managing contractors, gardeners, cleaners, security guards, and maintenance staff, an estate manager will also conduct routine inspections and handle pressing maintenance issues.

Property management for sectional title plans and homeowners associations is Sky Property Management's main line of business. Sky Property Management provides a thorough property management service that can be easily customized to meet the unique requirements and circumstances of each property. A specific residential portfolio manager is assigned to each property that Sky Property Management manages to serve as a single point of contact and as the main line of communication.

HOA Management

Property Developer Services

The comprehensive process involves the meticulous creation of the initial budget, encompassing a thorough analysis of all financial facets, including the precise determination of taxes and expenditures intricately linked to communal areas. This multifaceted endeavor is fortified by our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional support to Homeowners' Association (HOA) dynamics, ensuring that financial planning remains seamless and transparent, facilitating the optimal management of shared resources and the overall enhancement of communal living standards.

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